Welcome to The Undie 700

So we have proved it can be done (5 times now). When we came up with the idea back in 2009 to ride 50cc scooters from Timaru to Nelson over 2 days a lot of people thought we were mad, most people thought we would never make it and a few thought we might make 50kms but never the 600kms we did achieve. We had so much fun doing it we decided we had to do it again, we were almost keen the following weekend.

We did manage to restrain our selves but decided to make The Undie 700 an annual event and raise money for Movember a very worthy cause supporting Mens mental health and The Cancer society. The Undie 700 is a epic endurance ride covering a large part of the south islands inland roads. The ride is not for the faint hearted and is a serious challenge, so don’t expect a nice Sunday ride. The ride is designed to be a great couple of days away with a like minded bunch raising money while having a great time, because of this and extra safety benefits we have capped this years ride at 30 riders. So get in quick.

The Undie 700 2013, will depart the 21nd of November 2014, so check out all the information on the website. Sign ups are now open, just click the sign up to ride link at the top of the page.